"Calm Birth is a sublime gift to all of us. It contains the blueprint for  reconnecting with birth wisdom on all levels. Reading through this book and doing the practices will transform the birth process and imprint a peaceful beginning in both mother and child. The positive impact of this on society can't be overestimated."

Christiane Northrup, M.D.
author of  Mother-Daughter Wisdom 
and Women's Bodies Women’s Wisdom


“In teaching Calm Birth meditation to pregnant women, I noticed that they were able to renew their inner strength and handle stress throughout pregnancy, labor, birth, and early parenting. No matter what medical interventions or stresses may have occurred for the baby they appeared to be more calm and less stressed as well.”

Sandra Bardsley, RN, LCCE, FACCE, CM
President, Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health
author, Creating a Joyful Birth Experience

“…based on meditation and the best principles of established psychosomatic medicine… Calm Birth compassionately guides mothers-to-be and new mothers through carefully structured relaxation and meditation practices…An empowering alternative to the medicalization of birth, the techniques liberate women to channel their innate wisdom into welcoming their newborn child in a truly life affirming way.”

Thomas R. Verny, MD, DPsych, DHL, FRCPC,
founder, the Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health
author, The Secret Life of the Unborn Child and Tomorrow’s Baby


"Calm Birth is the childbirth method that society and I have waited for.  It's been a long time coming, a very long time. I am a midwife and an educator, with a steady devotion to childbirth. I urge everyone to buy  Robert Newman's inspired book. The book does what is so deeply
needed. It heals the Earth by healing birth."

Jeannine Parvati Baker
author of Prenatal Yoga and Natural Childbirth
and Conscious Conception


“Calm Birth gives woman and birth professionals practical means to improve the quality of childbirth. Like the venerable education programs inspired by Dr. Grantly Dick-Read, Dr. Fernand Lamaze, and Dr. Robert Bradley, Calm Birth seeks to empower women for natural childbirth and offers ideas and practical methods for them to succeed. Like the previous programs, Calm Birth recognizes the central challenge posed by fear and pain, though its solution is different, and it recognizes the importance of breathing, teaching a form of blended breathing into both the energy body and the physical body, reflecting a new vision of childbirth anatomy and potential.
"Calm Birth raises urgent questions about the mental and emotional quality of birth today, and offers well-tested methods to help mothers take more responsibility for themselves and their babies. The prospect of reducing complications while increasing maternal feelings of dignity and triumph should warm the hearts of all birth attendants. Calm Birth will help parents see pregnancy as a master path, an opportunity to support fuller development of their own babies, and perhaps to provide them with the ultimate opportunity to give human evolution a boost in the right direction.”

David Chamberlain, Ph.D.
author of Windows to the Womb and
The Mind of Your Newborn Baby;
former president of APPPAH

"Robert Newman's Calm Birth program provides couples and professionals alike a beautiful map, a method and a philosophy, to prepare for birth in a way that honors and helps them connect with their deepest innate nature and abilities. Meditation methods in Calm Birth open up a vista of hope, empowerment, inner wisdom, and confidence to trust the ability to birth naturally.  Calm Birth ignites transformational experience in life, pregnancy, birth, and beyond.”

Wendy Anne McCarty, Ph.D., R.N. 
author, Welcoming Consciousness

From the Parents:

“With the Calm Birth methods, I’m able to go to that place, to go to those experiences and access the energy… the experience of feeling more alive is itself empowering… whenever I’ve done the practice consistently it’s transformed me. It’s a miracle what can transpire. I take breathing for granted, but to be under the influence of the practice, what can happen is not an ordinary thing… I’m more connected with the baby, more connected with everyone and everything.”-Ellen

“There were times when the pains would be bad enough so that I’d forget the Womb Breathing, and they had me pant like a puppy. I found that all that did was make me feel like I was hyperventilating. So I remembered the Calm Birth teaching and the audioguide, and that helped me through labor immensely.”-Marie

“In the community hospital, I listened to the Calm Birth CD with the nurses and other people. I did the Womb Breathing method during the labor. I couldn’t imagine not doing it.”-Nora

“What I liked the most about the Calm Birth program is that before the baby is born you can communicate, bless and give it energy.”-John

“By the time of the birth, the Womb Breathing practice was unconscious. It just became natural. I know the deep breathing helped throughout the labor… It was great. I couldn’t have asked for anything more.
“The doctor said [our baby] was very alert. The minute he was out of the womb he was wide-eyed, looking around. I didn’t expect that.”-Jennifer
“I think that’s due to the calmness of labor.”-Max

“We were 100% committed to the Calm Birth practice… it was in our psyche somewhere.”-David
“In our systems… I felt empowered. At the hospital, that was my main feeling, of control, that I didn’t have to give my power away to the doctor, which I think I would have if I didn’t have the Calm Birth training.”-Tamara

“With the Calm Birth methods I was definitely able to do what I wanted to do, which was to open up and allow the universe of life to be poured through me, to be able to embrace it and enjoy it and see it as a real gift… an amazing gift.”-Clee

“During labor I didn’t have to remember Womb Breathing. I just did it, automatically. It’s like I knew how to do it. I’d catch myself doing the Womb Breathing already. And John was helping me as I did the breathing.”-Mysty

“I know that there will be long-term benefits, and I can assume that for the baby there will be too. All of the Calm Birth methods, I’ll use forever.”-Molly