Ari and Ivory

Robert: To make a wonderful love story short and sweet, I taught vase breathing meditation to Sam, the son of my closest friend. Sam loved meditation and practiced it often. We met from time to time and talked about his practice. Then he met the love of his life, in Nicaragua, of all places. They grew up 6 miles apart in Oregon, went to the same high school, but weren’t close, and then met and fell in love in a far away place years later. Sam taught Denise vase breathing, which she was very interested in, and they practiced together. Then very quickly Denise became pregnant. It was like they breathed the baby in. They sent me an email and asked me about doing vase breathing during the pregnancy.

Sam: Robert sent us an email with a written version of Womb Breathing and from the beginning Denise began breathing light and life into our little boy. During meditation I would do the same. It was such a wonderful feeling to be intending freedom and energy towards my unborn child. I knew God was sending us this child as a gift, wrapped in Denise, already in a perfect state. This was an amazing, calming sensation.

As Ari grew his awareness and thoughtfulness were quickly apparent. He was speaking Spanish in Nicaragua before he was two.  Ever observant, he loved to eat out of the garden and just be with us.  When he was three he told Denise, “You can meditate if you want to.”  We definitely saw Ari as our little teacher.

Robert: When I was told what Ari had said to his mother about meditation, a stunning statement from a 3 year old, I decided to visit the little wise man to show him a photograph. It´s a photo of a three year old Tibetan baby Buddha, a reincarnated master, sitting in meditation posture, smiling, with his young monk attendant sitting beside him. They really looked to me like they both knew how to meditate well. I asked Ari to look at the photograph closely. I said that the little boy was a baby Buddha. I asked Ari to look and tell me if he could see that the little boy knew how to meditate. Ari looked carefully and we leaned toward him to hear what he might say. In the quietest clear voice I´ve ever heard he said, “Yes.’

Sam: When Ari was four we felt as if the next member was ready to enter our family.  Denise and I made love once a few days before she became fertile.  This increased the likelihood of conceiving a daughter as the female sperm was able to stay viable in the woman’s reproductive system until the fertile egg was released.  While Denise and I were breathing together that night, embraced in each other’s loving arms, it felt like magic was rushing through us.  Definitely a child conceived in pure love.

   During the pregnancy Denise listened to the Calm Birth practice often.  I intended positive energy to the little one growing in my wife’s womb.  The birth happened about ten feet from where my mother delivered me, in the house that I grew up in. Denise was calm and focused.  We held each other.  I could feel this woman’s strength.  And sure enough, a little girl was born.  Ivory came out with one arm reaching towards the sky.  When she was only half way out she let out a little squawk, as if to say, “Hey, look at me!” Our family was complete.