Gabriel Frederick and Emily Natalia

Maria: No one thought I would go full term but I did! They scared me thinking that the twins were going to come really early and I got a lot of pressure to induce. I finally had to say yes to them doing a stripping of the membranes and when I got to the hospital they broke my water. I gave birth in under 3 hours. It was a fight since I didn’t appreciate the treatment I got since they rushed me and I literally had to close my legs when I got to the hospital since I wanted to labor a bit and let the water bag break on its own.

I had the twins at Mountainside Hospital in Montclair. My actual due date was Nov. 14th and they arrived Nov. 12th. I was 39 weeks and 6 days. They weighed 6.7oz/19 inches (Gabriel Fredrick Esposito) and 6 lbs even/19 inches (Emily Natalia Esposito). At 2:46 am Gabriel was born vertex and at 2:56 am Emily was born, breech.

The Calm Birth practice along with Marci, my doula, helped me to stay relaxed and focused. I didn’t get to listen to my CD until the last month of the pregnancy but during that month I did listen to it about three times a day to keep from getting anxious. Her voice was really soothing and even though the delivery and labor was rushed and chaotic but I was able to maintain some sort of equilibrium inside of myself.