Dovile was 23 years old at the time of her son’s birth and had studied and practiced meditation for years with her husband. They live in Lithuania. After Dovile became pregnant, she went online to find a childbirth method using meditation. She couldn’t find anything like that in Lithuania or in Russia. Then she came upon the Calm Birth website and saw the images of pregnant women meditating. She contacted Calm Birth and asked to be trained in childbirth meditation for her own birth, and then to establish the program in Lithuania.

Dovile: I gave birth on April 7. Now I am very grateful for this method because my birth would not have been as quick, conscious, and fearless as it was. I was doing Womb Breathing all the time at home. I knew the whole CD by heart.

While meditating to prepare for the birth, my fears kept coming up. I concentrated on recognizing fear. And then there was no fear on my birth day! I was cheerful all the time. The doctors even thought that nothing was happening to me because apparently this was very unusual for them. I was doing Womb Breathing during every contraction. When we came to hospital I was 5 cm dilated (almost without pain), and after about two hours I was fully dilated. The contractions were painful but bearable. I didn’t use any drugs or painkillers. Everything was natural.

Womb Breathing helped me to be conscious, so that’s why I was telling myself to stay relaxed, to not concentrate on pain. I’m sure that all this wouldn’t have happened without Womb Breathing.