Distance Teacher Trainings

 For childbirth professionals interested in the use of meditation and mind/body method in childbirth we’ve been offering an individual teacher certification program, via Skype. The trainings have been taking place around the globe, recently in England, Dubai, Sweden, Portugal, and Lithuania. Robert Newman, the founder of Calm Birth®, directs these individualized workshops. You do the training at home or in another comfortable space.

The three day training schedule closely follows the group training schedule. Each day has seven class hours with an hour lunch break. 

First, you choose three days that work for you. If you give us two sets of proposed dates we probably won’t have trouble scheduling it. You choose a time and place for a special retreat, for your development as a teacher of childbirth meditation. If you can’t find three consecutive days, we can work something out.

Then, for the last hour of each day of training, you meet Robert or Anna on Skype to talk about the training, to help you deepen your knowledge of meditation and its use in childbirth. 

The training can be for one or two people.

Qualifications: Most of the women applying to become teachers of the Calm Birth® method are childbirth professionals – labor and delivery nurses, midwives, doctors, doulas, and childbirth educators – but we will train anyone we believe could be a good teacher of childbirth meditation. And we’ll train any childbirth professional who wants to learn meditation for the sake of their health and life.

For questions, or to schedule a training, or to schedule a group training, please write to us at info@calmbirth.org.