Welcome to Calm Birth®. Whether you are a pregnant woman or her partner, a health practitioner or a nonmedical supporter, a grandparent, a child, or an inquisitive soul, this meditation program will enhance your experience of life. Calm Birth offers you and your loved ones or clients a gateway into living, breathing, and birthing from a place of empowerment.  

As spring unfurls its pastel petals and sun-soaked leaves, birth is happening everywhere in the natural world. The buds that were once only the hint of life’s potential quietly expand, holding the promise of something that the sun has never before seen. They grow and grow in their soft green wombs, and one day, when the time is right, they begin to open. The buds push apart gently at first, revealing hints of the majestic reds and gentle yellows that have been developing in the absence of light. Each bud unfurls in its own way, in unique perfection.

Suddenly, when they can’t take it any longer, flowers everywhere burst into light, at last feeling the warmth of the sun, moon, stars, rain, and wind that created them, sight-unseen. Their joy at meeting the world is apparent as it is reflected and magnified by everyone and everything that they encounter. The journey of the new being is only just beginning, but what a marvelous beginning it is.

We who work with CalmBirth® see the wonder and beauty of every birth, no matter how the process unfolds. We know that any experience can be an empowering one, and we believe that preparation is key to experiencing birth with that sense of calm, grounded power. The application of meditation to childbirth is paramount to women and their partners accessing their innate inner wisdom as they bring new life into the world. In this blog, we will explore deeper aspects of the Calm Birth practices, share experiences and stories from our directors and guest bloggers, and ponder the potential of applying meditation to pregnancy and childbirth.

Every spring, we watch nature seemingly begin again, but nothing is truly new: in each season, nature incorporates the wisdom of the past into the creation of the present. May we do the same with our own future generations. May we learn, grow, and together discover and practice what it takes to birth in a better way.

Please send me any questions you might have or topics you’d like to know more about. I really look forward to sharing this blog with you.


Anna Humphreys
7 May, 2015