A Simple Father's Day "Gift"

For Father's Day this year, we've decided to change the name of our postpartum practice. Yes, the tracks on the Calm Mother CD are still the same. Yes, parts of the meditations still focus on the intricate physiology of postpartum healing. But the practices include the co-parent, and the title of the CD needs to reflect that. Anyone involved in the pregnancy, birth, or parenting can benefit from meditation, and everyone should know that they are included!

This is why "Calm Mother" is now called "Calm Parents." We honor parents of every path and gender. We want for you all to be involved in the pregnancy and birth. We hope to help you bond with your baby and partner throughout the journey. The co-parent has been excluded from the parenting process for too long, in too many ways. This is a small step for our program, but reflective of other deep changes coming to fruition.

As a side note, we have also changed the name of our breastfeeding practice. What was once called "Breast Breathing, Breath Feeding" is now simply "Breath Feeding." You don't need to be a breast feeder, or even possess breasts, to bond with your baby through nourishment.

We strive to help every baby and human feel welcomed, valued, and nurtured. We welcome you to our program, value your input, and hope to nurture your spirit with these practices.