Teaching Calm Birth for Today's Stresses - Pregnancy Stress Relief

We don’t like to get political, but when the maternal-infant healthcare system is threatened, it’s hard for us to remain neutral. Nearly six months after an election that shook our world, we are tired of being silent.

Pregnancy prevention and care are getting kicked to the curb by the new US administration, essentially meaning that there will be more unwanted pregnancies and less coverage to actually care for the mamas and babies before, during, and after birth. So much about this is fundamentally wrong, and we don’t have to tell you why. What we do have to offer is an empowering technique for women in any situation.

That’s why this blog entry is directed to the birth professionals who are at the frontline of this assault on the human spirit: nurses, therapists, doulas, midwives, doctors, yoga teachers, massage therapists, prenatal educators, we’re looking at you. We see your dedication to empowering people and the struggles that you face to make this care last beyond your personal encounters with the pregnant families. How can you ensure that your positive effects continue into parenthood?

The simplest sustaining technique may very well be meditation: inexpensive, easy to learn, and accessible whether you are stuck in traffic, surrounded by tantruming toddlers, enjoying a quiet moment, anticipating news, or, yes, experiencing childbirth. People who learn Calm Birth can and do practice the techniques well after the birth itself because they know how to quiet their minds and calm their bodies by breathing completely. They don’t need anything more than their own awareness to access their wisdom and power-- and the entire family benefits.

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And what about you, the birth professional who jumps to attention for every midnight phone call and stays awake until new life enters the world, who provides a space of loving safety for families facing the fears of the great unknown, who bears witness to tremendous stresses? You are not forgotten here. In fact, learning to teach Calm Birth provides you with the same practical tools that you share with your students. Using these simple techniques, you can prevent caregiver burnout and be a more present and vital presence for your clients and your own family.

In today’s world, it can feel like we are simply trying to keep our heads above rising water. Learning to teach Calm Birth is like learning to backstroke: together, we can move through the waves with a view of the infinite blue sky.

For information about how to become a Calm Birth teacher, please email us at info@calmbirth.org. We work within your financial means, and our distance trainings mean that you get to set your own schedule. We want to support you and the communities you serve in any way you can, because we are all stronger together.

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